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J46- Pass The Buck Or Luck

Blast those little kids and their odd priorities. Liking Fortune more than Lust! Why that’s just blasphemy. Jin is just pal-ing around with the creature that has a rival in stoves and sources of fire, while the epitome of attractiveness and desire just stands around unloved and with her hands unheld.
Unfortunately this does mean that Gluttony has considered her entire Sinly existence as falling into the “weird” category. And yet, she sticks with it. What a trooper!

Quick Review: Cars – As just a movie, Cars is extremely cliché and actually pretty boring, but if you ignore all of that and focus on the design work, animation and art, and voice work, it’s enjoyable. With more name and shape references than my automotivally-challenged self could recognize, Cars is more fun to sit back and try to pick up on all the small details and try to match voices to people than it is to sit through the plot that evokes just about every kid movie cliché outside of the main character’s mom being killed (sent to the junk yard?). The clichés are made less interesting because there’s not much in the characters to bond with. Sure it’s great the good guy gets the girl, but when the girl is an anthropomorphic Porsche, that’s just kind of creepy rather than endearing. Most definitely the weakest Pixar movie I’ve seen; it’s more on par with the junk 3D animated movies that Dreamworks spits out at kids. Bonus points to it for having Click and Clack from Car Talk as voice actors though.