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Moving Filler 5

Iím back! Enormous thanks to my buddy, Dave, for his MCing duties in my absence. He STILL doesnít have a site that I can promote like heck, so youíll just have to wait. We still have some filler images left, so Iíll do two today and two more Monday and then itís back to feeding Jin to the wolves... I mean, seeing how her story ends up.
Thanks to Luprand for his rendition of the Sins in their collared forms. See more of his art at:

And thanks to SirIsaac for her... not sure how to define this, but itís awesome. So thanks, SI! Pay her a visit at:

Iíll have some pictures of my trip across country next week, but in a nutshell:
Tennessee- Itís the same thing all across the state
Arkansas- Kinda freaky and I40ís route is laden with scary religious billboards
Oklahoma- Okla-BORING
Texas- Desolate but oddly pretty. With the occasional cow.
New Mexico- Very pretty, but after half a day of the same thing, a boring pretty, and roadwork EVERY TEN FRUGING MILES. Just pick one project and effing finish it! Donít start 30 projects, slowing a 75 mph road to 55 literally every ten miles and not have anybody out there actually working! Start a few projects that you can adequately man, complete it, and THEN and only then move on down the road and slow down another area
Arizona- Gorgeous and varied enough to stay that way
California- A very odd mish mash of everything I passed early, be it the pretty scenery, the barren bits, and the creepy bits too. Plus, the very absolute initial billboard I saw upon my entrance was an ad for breast implants. That amused me. Greatly...

But all in all... ALL OF THE USA IS EXACTLY THE SAME. No matter where you go, itís the same stores, same billboards, same companies that own the billboards, same radio stations (you can listen to Jack FM for roughly 98% of the trip from TN to CA and that is horrific), same people unable to drive or adhere to the rules of the road; every part of the US is barely indistinguishable from the rest. Itís downright frightening and horrible.

If you ever hear a friend or family member you love suggest s/he will move by car across the country, beat him/her with a 2X4 over and over. Itís less painful that way. And a lot cheaper.

Quick reviews from the trip:
Kirby Squeek Squad- the exact same thing as every other Kirby game. Itís adorable, colorful, lacking in a story, painfully easy, and fun.
Zelda Phantom Hourglass- Complete and utter crap from beginning to end made more painful by the fact that thereís no character development, barely two sentences of story, boring, repetitive puzzles and areas (you have to go through the EXACT SAME LEVEL roughly a dozen times), hours of pointless and barren sailing, and the worst effing final battle ever made all crapped up by a godawful control scheme and graphics that are actually painful to the eye. The Escapist review went easy on PH. That should give you an idea of how horrible this reeking pile is.

Ah it feels good to be back online writing and drawing! I missed it so. A week without Internet access taught me how ludicrously addicted I am to the Internet. Seriously. Like drug addict levels of withdrawal.