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Posted by Pip

Moving Filler 6

And our last day of moving time guest pages is up! The viewer mail comes to us by Saurus of “Heroes in Training” fame. Pay him a visit at:

And the cuteness of Jin is thanks to friend and former coworker of mine, Amber. Check out her dA site at:

Thanks again to everybody that helped out with pages and pictures! There’s actually one more that got put in the wrong folder, but I’ll post that in addition to the regular page on Wednesday. Oops.

Extra mention to Drowemos, whose page was missing a link to his comic. Sorry, Drow:

There’s a new DDG page that went up over the weekend as well. Hit that up in case you’re getting the shakes from a lack of Pip drawn stuff.

Taralynn updated her site for the first time in like for-evah. Okay, August, but why not check it out again.

And finally, I put up some pictures from my ride over to the new place.

1-3 are west Tennessee
4-8 are Texas
9-12 are New Mexico. I think. Might be part NM, part AZ
13-14 are the parking lot at work
and the last few are the apartment complex

Dang that’s a lot of links tonight.