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Sinling Rivalry

Back to the comic and back to what’s important, making fun of Fortune! Fortune, busted mirrors, rough play, and Virtues. Nary a good combination amongst the group.
“[K]eeping an eye out for Modesty”- funny phrase, great name for a band.

And, as promised last update, here’s the final page submitted for the guest fillers thanks to one, Spiral:

Once again, thanks to all of you that helped out. You guys rock! Everyone else, you rock a bit less. Thanks to:
Damn Lucky
Sir Isaac

A groovy bonus of moving to California, the public radio rocks. I went from one godawful NPR station that played 90% lousy jazz and classical music that they’d play in the morning and then repeat in the afternoon, to at least three NPR stations that are 99% news, programs, and specials. NPR call in shows stink slightly less than regular call in shows but I spend most of my time still yelling at callers to get to the point, but now I get BBC reports too and the BBC rocks. BBC reporters will actually call people on their BS or make you back up your wild claims and most of the time people just can’t do it. You listen to a US reporter blithely accept or let garbage slide, and then an hour later you hear a British reporter drill the guest or person and it gives you faith in at least one continent’s news.