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J49- Playing Catch

Most definitely not how you want to regain full consciousness with your evil friend grinning above you. Not really how you want to wake up with a good friend grinning either, I suppose. Justified punishment though. Lust is a cruel judge, jury, and executioner.

Questions arose as to why nobody has cleaned up Prideís ley line or rebuilt the temple. The simplest answer, the temple is just in an area not many people visit. Youíd figure that in its heyday, a giant mirrored temple would draw some crowds, but it never did. That means that people just donít care or not enough people came across it. Second, itís busted glass and that stuff is nasty. Not many people are nice enough to start picking up shards of glass for the heck of it. Finally, Fortune herself just doesnít care. Whereas Grandeur Pride would be quite fine with staring at his reflection all day, Fortune actually goes out and sees the world and people. She has a life. Of sorts...