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J50- Friend Of Children And Pets

Why? Why?! Because EVERYBODY loves Sloth, dammit. You just donít question the appeal of Sloth. I mean, look at it. Sloth is built with exactly what the people love.
Theyíre all one great big huggy family in getting ready for the holidays. Awww. However at this rate, Jin is setting herself for being devoured by Gluttony rather than a nice family feast around the stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Thereís a new page of DDG up, so thanks for all the donations, and your continued support in bringing pain to Zip.

Iíve been playing Umbrella Chronicles and for the most part, itís quite keen. For the most part. Weapon selection is way too slow and cumbersome (it should have used the Trauma Center nunchuck selector), the Wii remote makes a hooorible substitute for a Guncon, the cursor keeps getting stuck on the edges of the screen, enemies are too quick (if you donít know that a strong enemy will be around the corner, you WILL get hurt and hurt bad because theyíll strike before you finish reloading or changing guns), and the method of finding items and bonus files is just asinine (basically waste all your ammo blowing up everything onscreen and you might stumble upon a file, rather than them being rewarded for real skill). My biggest complaint though is that enemies are way too resilient or your weapons are way too weak. The shotgun has a D rating for strength. A D! The shotgun! You can fire point blank into a zombieís face, it will fall down, and then just get back up again. Enemies literally shrug off your regular gun and you can empty an entire clip into a zombieís forehead and it will still come at you. Even on easy mode, a headshot means nothing unless you hit a 2 cm point at the very tip of a zombieís head. I donít know about you, but a shot to my forehead/skull/heart/crotch/well really anywhere is probably going to at least stop me from slashing someone. Yeah, theyíre zombies, but the physics of it at should at least knock them off balance and give you time. Other than that myriad of complaints, the music is great, the graphics are good, Wesker is flipping awesome, and itís a Resident Evil shooting game. Being one of the only people that really liked Dead Aim, I still like its gameplay better, but this is quite fun.