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Posted by Pip

J51- Decidedly Not Virtuous

Kind of jerkish to just nail a little girl through the skull with your sword from a high altitude. Itís just not sporting! And that pose is far more godlike than modest. For shaaame, Modesty.

Happy Birthday to one of my chums, Kramer. Heís currently overseas in Namibia with the Peace Corps. So I think that means heís waging war on Peace. Kick its sorry peaceful butt, man! Or heís there teaching computer literacy and helping people. That works too. Maybe you could work in some roughing up of Peace on the side. Like a wedgie every now and then.

Quick Review: Mario Galaxy- In a nutshell, itís Mario Sunshine with a bad gimmick in the remote and waggle. And since Sunshine was just Mario 64 with a bad gimmick in the FLUDD, youíre basically playing a substandard version of a Nintendo 64 game. So yeah, itís been over a decade since this 3D series/game came out and the camera and controls still stink and thereís still no story to speak of. Mario, Iíd like to introduce you to Sonic Adventure and what it did to Sonicís career.