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Posted by Pip

J53- Dog Fight

We have Zip and Netta throwing down in DDG and thatís a cat fight, so is Labor and Envy going at it a dog fight? Just... minus any planes.
Labor does hold a grudge though. Geez, shame a guy on his only strength and he takes it personally! Although itís a lot easier to blame Envy than it is Sloth. They both take punches to the face well though. You have to give them that.

Quick review: Battalion Wars 2- Itís pretty much the same as the first one. Fun characters and a simple story that gets the job done, a great idea, and horrible controls and an almost complete lack of team AI that severely breaks the gameplay system and forces you to micromanage. There are new naval units but much like the air units, they control poorly and the game really slows down when youíre forced into using them.
They pump up the Punch Out!!-esq racism where every country is reduced to a vague stereotype. Asian people are all mystical and do nothing but talk of honor, the Russians are belligerent trouble seekers, Romanians are vampires, the British are all... well kind of senile, and the Americans are all meat heads. Thankfully Betty dropped the cheerleader outfit this time. Now she just wears hot pants on the battlefield. Itís a step up, I guess?