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J54- Hehe Goo Pal

Yep, full on grudgery. Take THAT, evil Japanese spirits. Your grudges got nuthiní on Labor and his stompy feet. You probably work out a lot of stress like that though. Maybe Chastity could go that route and burn off some of that repression she carries around. Beating people is good for every one!
Actually it isnít, but the research on catharsis is debatable, so you can probably get by with that excuse anyway.

Not-so Quick gushing review- The Futurama movie IS AWESOME. Now, if youíre not a fan of the series, the movie wonít change your mind, but everybody else that isnít a blithering jackass, see this movie and see it quick. Itís an hour and a half of just condensed Futurama goodness, from the science, to the wacked out plot, to the moments that will probably bring a tear to your eye. There was one glaring thing in the movie that contradicted the series, but it ties up oh sooo well by the end, that you kind of feel guilty that you doubted them. If I had to bring up some complaints, it would primarily be that the two musical numbers arenít that hot. For what they are and the idea behind them, theyíre funny, but in their execution, I would rather have seen the screen time spent on the main story. That and that the DVD extras are kind of blah, but the math lecture alone is filled with keenness, so itís not much of a negative. But, those minor niggling points aside, itís fantastic and there are three more on its tail! If anime gets ďfan serviceĒ, Benderís Big Score is outright ďfan pornĒ. The sheer number of characters, phrases, or references that work their way into the movie are worth the price of admission. Things in the Futurama universe that didnít even really require an explanation are explained through charactersí actions or we see what happened to lead to bits in the main series or consequences from the series. Itís flat out great and Iím going to dare to make this claim, but Al Gore is officially kind of cool after this movie.