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Posted by Pip

J55- Objecting To Turnabouts

Zing! Didn’t see that coming! The ol’ switcheroo. You thought it was Envy getting stomped, but nay! Labor was getting a touch of the old ultra violence, my droog.
Just what IS Joy’s problem though... Chastity at least has a dang good reason to be pissy.
People in this comic are very stab happy. Whenever there’s a sword fight, somebody always has to get run through.

Quick Review: Victorious Boxers- Hoping for some love child of Punch Out!! And Wii Sports Boxing, VB is more the horrid mutant baby resulting from that pairing because Wii Sports spent too much time around Nintendo’s Earth-hating console (read your Greenpeace reports). It fails on pretty much every level except that the developers had the foresight to give you a button that skips all the story segments. Everything goes downhill quickly and it turns into a flail fest. I failed the very basic training segment (more on that in a second), yet was able to get though the first circuit and the next few fights after that without being knocked down a single time. That doesn’t say much for the engine. As for the training, not only is the motion sensing incredibly broken and will only occasionally register the move you’re trying to do, but it actually lies to you and incorrectly tells how to perform the moves. Avoid at all costs, except for the fact that I bought the game for $7 and sold it for $18. In your face, Victorious Boxers.