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J56- Five. No... Six

Mystery! Drama! Head Wounds!
Poor Envy. Although, he does get the loving attention of Gluttony and Lust to carry him around. Assuming of course he’s lucid enough to take that in.
But the Virtues... Mystery, mystery. And one I’m not going to resolve for some time. Because I’m mean. I do enjoy the Limbo they live in and it may explain their fall over the years. Spend too much time in a boring expanse and it’s bound to be make you a bit stabby. Just another difference between them and the Sins. The Spirit Realm is a pretty happening place, but the Virtues hole themselves up in away from everything and lack some fun.

We get ANOTHER awesome piece of fan art from the awesome, SirIsaac!

Thanks a bunch, SI! After you stop gawking at Lust’s booty, check out the rest of SI’s art at:

And it’s a new month, so let’s look over the search strings leading to Sins for November, shall we? Yes. We shall.
“no-toed sloth”, that just sounds mean. “nude sincomics”, they’re always nekkid, and genital-less. “septopuss home movies” yes, very much yes. And finally, “sloth party” which seems rather oxymoronic.
And guys, if you’re going to do something inspired by the comic, referencing it, taking place in its world, whatever, let me know about it. I wanna see it, and I’d prefer being told about it to as opposed to stumbling upon it by going through the link hits (as keen as that may be).
Then there’s this month’s wallpaper, available for the pittance of money, or fan works! It’s a Winter sloth party.

Quick Review: Fido- Comedy or not, this is probably the most laid back zombie movie I’ve ever seen. Fido is downright hilarious, but none of the humor is slapstick or pun/jokey. It’s very much a “been there, done that” style movie about a picked on boy and the family that doesn’t pay attention to him, but the fact that it takes place in an alternate 1950s where the Zombie Wars have concluded and America’s elite own the left over zombies as pets is where it all goes right for me. You have to appreciate the absurdity of it all to appreciate Fido. Like all Z movies, the humans are definitely the real villains here, but even the guys you hate are lovable and the whole thing winds up being oddly heartwarming.