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J58- Gluttony Pellets Beat Owl Pellets

Of course, this means that I have to remember that Gluttony’s temple is geographically closer to Anger’s than Lust’s is. Which I won’t. But then I can totally blame it on shifting tectonic plates.
Envy and Fortune are doing that thing where you swing a kid and let them flip while you hold onto them, potentially ripping their arms from their sockets, causing muscle tearing, and one embarrassing trip to the hospital. Ah, youth.
Greed and Gluttony would make such a cute couple. He’d steal her stuff; she’d try to eat his brains while he slept. Insert generic marriage/divorce joke here. Ah, couplehood.

Quick Review: Paprika- Probably another victim of my own high expectations, I was let down by what Paprika turned out to be. They started out with a fantastic premise, high ideas, and a plot device that let them create some truly awesome and bizarre animated sequences, but all you’re left with as time goes on is how great the art is. Running about thirty minutes too long, Paprika really drags on and the intriguing plot dies early on, so you’re left hoping the talky bits go away so you can get back to the amazing visuals, chase sequences, or imaginative fights. They never make full use of the movie’s potential and the ending is a massive let down with the bad guy revealing itself to be one of the most clichéd bad guys around, made all the more boring by how vibrant and fantastic a dream world the movie started with. There are things that aren’t explained that, while not exactly important to the movie but kind of are, I would have liked to see examined more. I’m a big fan of Paranoia Agent it shares a lot of themes with Paprika, but in the end, it’s worth a rental but more for the visuals than the wasted story.