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J59- Keen And Lunch Dead Kids

Gluttony is keen, dagnabbit! Of course if youíre staring a giant snapping plant demon in the face (petals?), that might take down your views a notch or two. I do like the glow effect though. I think that turned out well, I do say so myself.

We have a new piece of fan art thanks to Stone Hydra. People showing the love for Sloth. Be it keen plantyness or not.
Find more of his work at:

Quick Reviews: Soul Calibur Legends- Button mashing is a far sight more tolerable than motion mashing. Unresponsive and poorly implemented controls kill the whole game and the unbalanced difficulty, bad graphics, horrible dialogue, repeated levels and enemies and missions and bosses, and even a broken leveling system kick that dead corpse over and over.
Lifesigns ĖI canít judge it too much because I played for an hour and only spent five minutes in an operation and then I stuck it back in an envelope and returned it. Thatís right, only one-twelfth of the actual game is well, a game. The rest was painfully bad dialogue and walking from one end of the hospital to the other. Again. And again. And again... Itís a bad Trauma Center ripoff (minus the fact that you actually do operations in TC) where your motions donít really synch up with what the character on screen is doing.