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J60- Azaleas Daffodils Daisies

Fearsome and grotesque as she may be, a little compliment goes a long way. And may save you from horrific, horrific digestive juices. Thereís something equally frightening about hybrid Gluttony. She may no longer be a giant plant, but she still seems so... evil. I think itís the hair.
Six down and one to go, albeit itís the poor neglected and downright disliked one left. Feel sorry for Lust!

Check out the new DDG page as well. Featuring 47% more skin than a Prince Valiant comic. But a slight bit less than Marmaduke. Lousy naked dog.

Quick review: Transformers- Now, Iím by no means a Transformers fan. I liked the toys and all (itís a spaceship AND a robot all in one, kick butt!), but I hated that Beast Wars series and the newer shows and going back to watch a few episodes of the first show, cripes itís repetitive and lame. However, the movie could have been really awesome. Pretty much every scene with the robots is great, if only for the art, but every single scene that focuses on the humans is paaainful. Battle hardened but still jovial military guy thatís just a day away from going home to see his newborn baby, check. Horribly clichťd computer hacker that is wacky and has poor social skills, check. In fact, check about four times. Hard-nosed adult that just wonít listen to the kid and ultimately gets shown up in the end, oh thatís a big check. And so on and so on. But the biggest offender is Sam, not just a bad character but downright unlikable. Heís a jerk, heís shallow, heís lazy, heís mean to his friends, and for some reason heís the guy youíre supposed to be rooting for. Worth watching for the special effects and fight scenes, but keep your finger ready for the fast forward any time they try to give you some ďstoryĒ or ďplotĒ or itís just humans on screen. But this I really just have to get off my chest. I am willing to accept giant robots from other planets coming to Earth, turning into cars, talking, fighting, having force fields, and such and such. HOWEVER! I refuse to sit idly by and accept the five or six scenes in the movie where the Transformers are able to ďhideĒ or walk away from a human and NOBODY NOTICES THEM. Thereís one scene where a freaking twenty to thirty foot tall robot that just crash landed on the planet in a fiery explosion is able to stand ten feet away from the landing site and HIDE BEHIND A TREE. A damn tree! I-Itís like something out of a Tex Avery cartoon. Then thereís the requisite oh so wacky scene where Sam is attempting to hide the team of like six giant space robots from his parents and is completely able to. His parents even look out the windows, see their destroyed yard, remark at the destroyed yard, and fail to see the effing giant glowing robots two feet away from them! A-And And! At the end of the movie, the government is somehow able to magically cover up the existence of the Transformers. Not spoiling anything here, but the entire final battle takes place in the middle of a city, buildings are destroyed, massive explosions, army strikes, hundreds of people die, and at the end of the movie, thereís a speech where the military reports to the higher ups that the existence of the Transformers has been successfully hidden from the public. NOOOOO! You get a group of five people together and one of them is going to have either a digital camera or a cell phone that can do video and these pictures will be posted on Youtube by the end of the night. And yet, somehow, not a single one of these people in an entire damn city would tell the news or friends or post a video of giant space robots leveling their home town? I mean, just on a person to person level, how do you explain the people that died?! He was just standing there one minute and then flying through the air on fire the next! Damndest thing I ever saw! I am waaay too bent out of shape over this but itís downright insulting to the viewer.