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Posted by Pip

J62- Pinkmail

Good friends show their strength once more. Help each other out with a healthy dose of blackmail, for those times when you need to bend someone to your whims but just canít make the physical effort! Who knows how that story would have ended without Fortuneís intervention...

Small holiday present for everyone! Itís a completely random assortment of pictures! I mean, if it were to synch up to a certain song, that would just be entirely coincidental. I mean, sure itís an awesome song that should be easy to find online, lasts two minutes and fifty-seven seconds, and happens to be the ending song to one of the coolest and most original videogames of all time that just came out this year among a collection of four other games for two next gen systems or computer, but like I said, that would just be coincidence as these pictures are randomly assembled. If you do just happen to find a song that fits in here, make sure you hit play right before starting the Flash file. You need a Flash player to run the .swf, but if you donít have one, you should be able to just drag and drop the file into your Internet browser.

I plan on doing more of these so I can learn the ways of Flash, so they shall be titled. The Sins Barely Animated Animated Shorts! Yeah it sucks but I starting out here! Meanies...

Today is Mega Manís 20th anniversary! Woo! I forsee that the countdown will lead to a big video of Capcom apologizing for every Mega Man game passed MM+B, X4, or Legends. At least, thatís what Iíll keep telling myself. I forgive you, Rock. I canít stay mad at you.