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J63- Kraka Boom

Oooh, I think Lust earned a few pity points with Jin there. Ah sweet pity. Where would my life be without people feeling sorry for me and my many, many glaring and obvious shortcomings as a human being. Mmmm...
And Lust totally isnít trying to score more favor by copying Fortuneís rocking fashion sense. No siree.

Must be new readers coming in, because I've had quite a few people asking me to do a tutorial. Never one to disappoint, or one to disappoint quite frequently just with style, here you go! My stream of consciousness art/comic tutorial, featuring the new text bubbles that nobody has commented on... You donít even notice when I get my hair cut either!

Quick Review: Heroes- I know Iím ludicrously late to the game, but I now love Heroes. DL and Micah are cool, Hiro is adorable, Nathan is kick butt, Isaac is a crazy drugged up bastard but I wanna hug him, Charlie made me tear up, Claireís dad and his henchmen rock, the cop is downright awesome, and Indian Professor X isnít too shabby either. Halfway through season 1, I still donít care about Claire, I want to punch Peter in the face, and Jessica/Nikki are boring the crud out of me, but still, the show is so good. My only main complaint is that itís too damned slow. 75% of the episode length is rehashing things that already happened or rerere-establishing plot points. Yeah, Nikki is batcrap crazy and lives for her son, I get it, I get it. Peteís a do-gooder and Nathan is a conceited bastard, I understood that from their first episode, you donít have to beat it into the ground. But you canít fast forward because of how well everybodyís storylines intersect that if you fast forward through Claireís moping or Peteís whining, you miss out of some larger plot point. Diabolical...
On a side note too, the show really needs to be applauded for its diversity. The multiculturism is probably the best Iíve ever seen. There are actually people out there in TV land that write for a diverse ethnic cast and multiracial couples without turning them into the Burger King Kids Club! And now theyíre on strike and not writing...