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J65- Sinfants

Yep itís the Muppet Babies route. Face the wrath of huge bobble headed versions of the cast. Possibly Lust as Nanny. Maybe Envy. Either way there will be neglect and child endangerment charges.
Oh, and the Tarots are back. Look at that.

The schedule is going to be a bit messed up for the holidays. Weíve got the one tonight, Iím going to post two tomorrow, one late next Monday, and then from Wednesday on, weíre back to normal! Youíre still getting the same number of pages, just in a different timeline. Same dosage, just... more overdose at first and then getting the shakes later.

Quick Review: Spider-Man: Friend or Foe- A nice divergence from the tedium of the third game, FoF shines in its style. All of the characters are drawn with a great look and are animated considerably better than expected, the worlds are cartoony and bright, everything is just so danged colorful, and the game is actually pretty funny if youíre into the jokey rather than snarky style Spidey. Itís well written for its kiddy charm, the in-game quips are worth a chuckle (they mention fruit pies!), and the voice acting is rather enjoyable. However, once you get to the game play, everything falls apart. Almost nothing that makes Spider-Man Spider-Man finds its way in here. No web slinging, no crawling up walls, no spider sense, and no acrobatics. However, Spider-Man is so ludicrously overpowered that you donít need any of it, or even the partners you get teamed up with. ĎBí is Spideyís throw and once you start upgrading it, you have the game mastered. Even the final boss battle just consists of jumping to dodge and pressing B at the right times. Outside of the skinning, all of the levels are essentially the same. You fight (read: throw) waves of bad guys, open a door/raise a bridge/, fight more bad guys, and every two stages fight a boss. The bosses require some actual skill/more than just standing and punching so they break up the monotony, but there are no puzzles or anything else to do here. The game play is bad enough in its own right already, but there are only four enemies in the whole game. Enemies so creatively named Small, Medium, and Large and the minibosses I chose to dub Extra-Large. Itís sad that a game with this much style and upbeat cartoonyness is drug down by such mind numbing game play.