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J68- Throw Down Some Yo Mamma Jokes

Empress is no longer a jerk of a little kid! Sheís a jerk of a little kid with a growing army of dangerous friends. But at least Envy has somebody to throw down with now. I donít think Hiero would have put up much of a fight...

Well, Happy New Year to you all! I just walked in the door from a day of airports and flying so Iím a bit too tired to post the normal end of the month stuff, so that will go up Wednesday. I loathe flying. Not the actual act of being up in the plane and landing and taking off mind you, but the experience as a whole. The wasted time, inefficiency, the noise, the smell, oh god the smell...
Aaanywho, hereís the preview for the new wallpaper for the New Year. Thanks for all your support and have a great 08!

Posted by Pip


Head on over to HiT! His end of the year picture has a rather epic or refined looking picture of Forune in it. Thanks, Saurus!