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Posted by Pip

J69- I Like Those Odds

Oh that Justice. Why is he so unwilling to do things that are well... unjust. I guess we can give it to him. At least the Sins have the advantage that Empress doesnít quite seem to be hip to the ways that the Sins work.
And to have somebody suddenly teleport next to you is one thing, but to turn around and all of a sudden find Chastity (a pissed off Chastity even) next to you... Scary! Wish my body was selectively immaterial and capable of being teleported. Stupid physics.

As far as going out with a bang, our end of the month search strings were a bit less than overwhelming in their hilarity, but the clear winner is worth a mental chuckle. A simple spelling error yes, but ďenergy from magnatesĒ is hilarious. Anything that proposes to break Rupert Murdoch down into his atomic components to power his own satellites, well thatís just keen.

We have a bunch of Quick Reviews to bang out too:
Sweeny Todd (movie) - I thought the original play had better music, but the story suits a film adaptation. Itís something that finally works with Tim Burton, his overuse and reliance on Johnny Depp notwithstanding.
Alien vs Predator 2 (movie) - A far sight better than the lousy first one, itís not bad for a popcorn summer action movie. Keen special effects and the fact that itís hard to go wrong with an acid spewing razor tailed xenomorph are enough to get you to overlook the always bewildering decision to put regular humans in these movies and give them lots of screen time.
Stardust (book) Ė I was really disappointed in this. Neil Gaiman has proven several times that he can create interesting and novel worlds and characters, but here he instead makes a by-the-numbers and honestly rather boring trite fantasy novel with nothing new to offer.
Good Omens- Pretty much the exact opposite of Stardust. Itís hilarious, well-written, has great characters, and presents a lot of fun ideas on how the Apocalypse is nigh and weíre all going to die at the hands of motorcyclists assuming you avoid roads that are simultaneously on fire and freezing at the same time. Good stuff.
Rise of the Ogre- As far as band biographies go, itís quite novel and keen. As far as finding out more information on the whole mind screw that was Gorillaz, a lot was left to be desired. Focusing only on the band backstory and completely ignoring anything technical such as how the live shows were done or what went into doing the animation, I was hoping for a lot more.
Godzilla Final Wars- Godzilla beats up American Godzilla, that about sums it up. Godzilla beats the tar out of a bunch of revamped old foes, Mothra proves to be a rather less than useful helper, for some unknown reason there are long scenes of human beings fighting and using Matrix kung-fu, and possibly more bizarre than that, Mayor Haggar is in it and he kicks some Mad Gear/aliens in trench coat butt.
MegaMan ZX Advent- A take it or leave it continuation of the MM Zero series, known for its tiresome fetch quests, horrific dialogue, but oddly unique and interesting bosses. Aside from the head banging metal vulture that fights with a guitar. No! Bad, Capcom, bad.