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Posted by Pip

J70- Sinmantics Semehtics

Getting rid of my problems usually entails lye or shovels. Lucky Sins! Except for that Chastity. She’s a mean one. I totally wouldn’t give her a #1 Boss mug.
Envy should totally show up Chastity and reveal the secrets behind everything. Just out of spite! But that would end the comic kind of quickly. Hmmm...

More Sins to deck out your office space! I took part in a calendar put together by CD Rudd of Sailor Sun fame. Spruce up your May with the lovely ladies of the Sin team at the bay. Oh, and there are some other known comic artists there too. But Lust even made the cover! Take that, Cassandra Cat.

And we have some good ol’ fashion blasphemy from Vorhais. Thanks! And stand away from me so I don’t get hit by lightning.