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J73- Lots Of Nothings For All

Oh the buddy comedy in the making. Somebody get these two a crime to solve and we’d have a blockbuster on our hands. It’s gold, baby, gold!
Of course, leave it up to the buzzkill kid to ruin the fun. Children are always like that. Always wanting the end the fun.

Review/Commentary: Well, Conan, A Daily Show, and The Colbert Report have been back on air for about a week now, so how are they fairing without writers? As much as I’m sure the Union won’t like to hear it, the shows are doing just fine to me. Conan is running about 90% the same as before, because even though he’s running some more simple skits, he still acts like he’s having the same fun doing them and he still has the same sense of humor. The Daily Show had a rocky first day but is now running at about 90%. The Colbert Report is running at about 99% the same as before because Stephen has always been the entire show and he’s exactly the same. The last few American Dads have been great but Family Guy is running at a higher failure rate (but FG has always been a show that throws as many jokes as possible at you and if a few stick, it was worth it). So, after all this trouble, the writers have left and... there’s little to no difference in the majority of the shows I watch. Hmmm... Don’t get me wrong, I side with the writers IN THEORY. In reality, both sides are acting foolishly and the whole business model should be rewritten rather than squabbling about a few cents per download and DVD. Companies are ripping the writers off, because if you do work, you should be compensated for it. It’s as simple as that. We all know online viewing is making companies easy money, so the people that worked to create the content deserve better. Counter to all this, before the strike, after the strike, and into Infinity, 99.9999repeating% of movies and shows are complete and utter worthless garbage. According to the New York Times, the highest paid writer/producers make about $5 million a year and on the “low” end, junior writers bring in about $50,000 a year. Think about it. The people that “write” Two and a Half Men, Back To You, ‘Til Death, House of Payne, or Rules of Engagement are bringing home at LEAST $50,000 a year. Do you really want to side with the argument that these people should be making more money, especially keeping in mind that these shows don’t run year round? The people at Becker, Reba, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, or One Tree Hill are in an industry making an average of $200,000 a year per writer (NY Time’s numbers again) and they want more money. Not to mention every horrific and mind numbing movie that comes out each week. There are any number of talented, creative, and intelligent writers out there that would work for a fraction of the typical salaries but will never get a chance because networks are too busy spending their money on the refuse polluting the airwaves. Both sides need to shut up, work out their problems and reach a fair deal, and get the hell back to work.
And yes, I did have to go through the local listings to name eight shows airing in primish time. I just don’t watch TV much anymore.