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Posted by Pip

J75- Going To The Principal's Office

When all else fails, resort to the immature ďwoooĒing of a third grader. It works for the best of us! The best of us that arenít working to stifle centuries of violence and evil from lashing out on someone we now consider a friend too. Thatís the kind of thing you want to keep in check.

Quick Reviews:
Gregory Horror Show- I actually saw this last week but was so unsure of how I felt, that I left it alone for a few days. Unfortunately it didnít age like a fine cheese. To start with the good, the art and animation are fairly unique. It comes across like a show animated as a Playstation 2 game. You see the show through the eyes of the main character and it helps to make you feel for him and fear the things going on around him. The bad and main parts are that there really isnít anything to the show. From the first episode in, you know that Gregoryís hotel is more akin to Hell or Purgatory than your friendly HoJoís and across the 24 episodes (roughly three minutes in length each) the series builds to the startling revelation that... Gregoryís hotel is more akin to Hell or Purgatory than your friendly HoJoís. Aside from its horrifically cheesy attempts at lessons or morals that come across as laughable rather than being philosophical, as intended, thereís nothing here except what you know from the start. Thereís a neat decision at the end but in the end that comes at only an hour and twenty minutes after it began, itís about an hour too long for what it serves. If youíre a fan of Animal Crossing, it may tide you over a bit longer because the anthropomorphic characters and the art style basically make it out to be Luciferís town in AC.

Mega Man 20th Anniversary Techno Arrangement- Definitely reserved for the biggest of Mega Man geeks, you already probably know if youíll like it or donít know what it is. Be forewarned since nearly every site about it is in Japanese, it says it has 21 tracks, but itís really only 11 remixes and the final 10 are just straight from the game samples. Bit of a rip-off in that aspect.