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J77- Made With NASA Tech

And the epilogue to Jinís little story is here. Fast forward several years, and it looks like her and Fortune are doing all right for themselves, and given Fortune is cooking and the house isnít on fire, we can guess who got the Stone. At least the poor girl found somebody to replace those parents and their whole abandoning her situation.
I mentioned it on the forums but for those that donít check them out (boo on you), Jinís time with the Sins is up, thus her arc comes to an end, but I guarantee this wonít be the last we hear of her. Sheíll have a connection to at least two other arcs, so she still has some kind of time in the spotlight to muck up the workings of the Universe.
When I originally wrote this page, Lust was involved, but I decided I liked it better to think Fortune had split apart for the time being (with Sloth naturally being too lazy to pick a side). Her beef with Lust can best be improved by a few decades apart.

The next arc is going to be a far sight shorter and be more of a side story, so it will be more comedic and focus less on plot. Little to no drama that tears apart friendships and makes those involved question their team loyalty and where theyíll stand in an unbalanced world. Also, less pirates.
Wednesday weíll have a topically appropriate guest page and then the new arc will start up Friday.