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Posted by Pip

Luprand Tarots Guest Page

Todayís topical guest page, while also serving as a buffer between arcs, is brought to us by Mr. Luprand. He sent it in over the winter break, but I held onto it for now, seeing as how the Tarots were just reintroduced and are now meshed in while the whole rigormoral of our favorite Forces. In your face, Frost. But thanks, Luprand!
See his comic, which just so happens to sport some Sins posters and a cameo from our favorite interspecies/dimensional couple of Lust and Rhett.

And just in case your Wednesday isnít complete without new Pipart, the new DDG is posted as well.

Quick Review: Ravenous- It would be far better to just have people watch the film without looking up what itís about first, but seeing as how itís almost nine years old at this point and the Internet is around and all, thatís a bit much to ask. Itís one of those movies that I always intended to see, but forgot about until it popped into my head the other day and I bumped it to the top of my queue. See it, itís fantastic, and it has a surprisingly great score to boot. Just donít listen to the directorís commentary, itís nauseatingly bad. And ignore Netflixís description, itís horrible and paints the movie in a bad light.