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Posted by Pip

TB1- Saints And Sinners

The start of a new arc! And our main character is a jerk! What a fine way to start things off, eh? No matter what dimension youíre in, thereís a sucker and a conman not too far away.

Darin of Crossworlds is a bit sick right now, so to help them out, I did a quick guest picture for then yesterday and itís posted on the site now:
Iím such a humanitarian. Even if my guest picture is poking fun of them a bit... But Thom is a friend of the strip so itís totally allowed.

Quick Reviews:
Dragon Quest Rocket Slime- Simple, cute, funny, and generally just fun, Rocket Slime isnít braving any new fronts or revolutionizing anything; itís just a solid game fit for a variety of age groups. The controls are a bit frustrating because there are three actions mapped to one button (and youíre left with at least three other buttons that have no functionality at all), but any accidental damage you incur is negated by how blindingly easy the game is if youíre over the age of eight so itís just a minor frustration at best. Instead of fighting bosses in regular battles, the game employs a fairly interesting head-to-head tank fight. Itís a neat idea and with some tweaking it would be nice to see it again. The main draw backs are how brain dead your AI partners are and that the whole thing just becomes kind of tedious late in the game. The same actions will win every fight and trying to employ a real strategy actually works against you with how the battle mechanics are. To win every fight, just walk over to the enemy tank, break down the door, and then stand in front of their cannons and attack anybody that comes near them. Youíll occupy all of the pilots so your crew can just slowly whittle down the enemy tank and youíre done. Itís a letdown in an otherwise fun game, but itís still worth giving little Rocket a go. Just be prepared for puns. Bad ones. Painful ones...

Lunar Knights- Lunar Knights starts off with an interesting concept and colorful (as in their actual colors, not as in being interesting) characters with neat designs, and ... thatís pretty much all it has going for it. The story is uninteresting, dialogue is poorly written, the pacing is slow and extremely plodding, the menus are laid out badly and are a pain to navigate because you have to keep switching what buttons you use or move to the stylus, and your character lacks any kind of basic evasion or maneuverability. I got up to the second boss and that was pretty much all I could stomach. He has a gun and fires straight ahead, so whatís the natural thinking to avoid this? Get the hell out of the line of sight. However, even though he was firing straight ahead and I was standing at where would be about 150 degrees behind him if you picture a circle, that still counted as being shot and damaged. When somebody invents me a gun whose bullets can turn around and shoot somebody standing almost behind me, then maybe Iíll give the game another chance, until then, avoid this game like the Plague.