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A4- Deathly Fashionable

Hey! I wonder who that person or thing is…
Aska has reclaimed the gauntlet (who knew) and it was even kind enough to bring her back to the surface. How sweet of it. And you have to admit Aska’s gauntlet is far wieldier than Rhett’s, and more stylish.
I finally got to see Batman Begins this weekend and I have to say I definitely liked it. I’ve never been a huge Batman fan and there are almost countless other heroes I’d take before him, but the movie manages to make him more reasonable and likable. The best thing about Batman was always the grappling hook but sadly there’s little swinging in this. Things to definitely change about the movie are the feel of Gotham, I liked the gothic/decaying look of the other films, this Gotham looks like something you’d find in an anime; Gordan was a really weak character, his lines were poor and Oldman’s performance left a lot to be desired; Christian Bale, while a fantastic Bruce Wayne, is a horrible Batman, he doesn’t have the voice, actions, or chin to be the hero, some scenes are unintentionally funny because of how out of place Bale is. Michael Caine as Alfred didn’t work for me either. I like the Alfred character and I like Michael Caine, but the two just don’t mesh. Michael Gough isn’t even dead (as I thought he actually was), and while I understand wanting to stay away from the travesty of the other Batman (Batmen?) movies, he was good in all of them. One of the things that surprised me the most was Liam Neeson. I’m certainly no fan of his, but he did a great job as his character. Most of it was just good writing, but he pulled it off nicely. Perhaps the best praise I can give it is that the film is “believably unbelievable”. The producers made all the gadgets, training, and abilities of the character (okay, save for the water thing) at least seem like they’re in the realm of plausibility. In the cartoons (which I was a fan of), Batman was way too strong, reaching Superman levels of resistance in many episodes, but in the film he does seem like a guy that’s smart enough and well-trained that he can deal with villains and not go over the top.