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Posted by Pip

A40- Pet Abuse

She’s hugging him in panel four! That’s it! She isn’t grabbing anywhere, she’s hugging. His arms just happened to cover that spot and I wasn’t thinking of how it could be construed.
Anywho… Lust’s Vices had a short stay before wearing out their welcome to Cuberos, but fret not! If you liked them, they WILL play a role in a future story I have planned out and may show up again even after that. This was more so to get them (and the Vices in general) introduced and in the comic.

First side note, I was told by my translator that some people could potentially take offense at the image I had to link to the Spanish translation of the comic. If anybody does or did feel that way, I fully apologize. I had no idea that picture was associated with one belief over another or used by certain groups. It was not meant to indicate I support or don’t support any groups. It was an honest mistake and I apologize. I went to public school and I took French. Forgive me! Please…

Next side note, I’m at the point where I’m drawing the next saga of the Sins story, so any suggestions or ideas for the new backgrounds would be fantastic. Thanks!