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TB2- Run For Your... Too Late

Yep, I said it would be a short arc. Two pages in, the guys gets squished and we all go home happy. Now thatís some karma in action.

Todayís comic marks our 400th update! Woo!
Hereís a small gift/practice with Actionscript that I made for fun. Enjoy it and get to smiting.
I had made the sprites for the heck of it and decided to do something with them. It turned out that the 400 page update was nearby so itís a natural fit. Thanks to Dr. Meyers for her Actionscript tutorials ( and big big thanks to my friend Petro for his help fixing a bug.

Quick Review: The TV Set- Not half bad, not half good either. It certainly has its moments, but the description of the movie is its whole message, so there isnít much to get out of it. Writer makes a heartfelt and personal show, network mucks around with it, show how it gets mucked up for an hour and twenty minutes, and then thereís the movie. David Duchovny and Ioan Gruffudd do good jobs with their parts, but there isnít much to those parts, and Seth Green has a really quick scene in it that winds up being one of the better parts. Worth a rental if thereís nothing else around, other than that, you can pass on it without missing much.

Dexter Season 1- I loved this show. It reached a strong indicator of entertainment for me; am I willing to yell at the screen or curse at characters like I wouldnít do in real life. Iím pretty sure passersby would think Iím a sociopath because theyíd hear me yelling ďKill him! Kill him! Yes!Ē and normal people donít usually do that in a gleeful manner. There isnít much you can say about the actual plot that wonít spoil or ruin part of the experience of watching the show (I had heard people talk about the ending so unfortunately I knew one the bigger twists at the end and it lessened the momentís impact), but I highly recommend watching it. Just as long as a little blood doesnít bother you... Iím torn because Iíd like to read the books, but the series is done so well that I wouldnít want to spoil it for me.

2010- I honestly only put this on because I wanted something to listen to while I drew, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. I liked the original 2001 (I think) and this was nowhere near the cheap cash in I was expecting. Worth a watch if you liked the first, probably not so much if you didnít.