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TB3- Look Both Ways When Crossing

Heeey, she looks familiar. I think we know her!
The Spirit Realm is connected to the Human Realm by a sort of ďLimboĒ-like area that acts like a bridge between the two worlds. Itís far easier to pull a human or a demon into that zone over their respective worlds, like when Lust sent Cuberos to speak to her Vices. So if you have someone thatís not quite human and not quite demon, they could easily get stuck in the Limbo. Oh, and by the by, we will finally be seeing the Spirit Realm in the next arc. ..
The whole heart of this arc came from what became todayís page. I had scratched down in my notebook that if you have a living person that can talk to the dead, wouldnít their counterpart be a dead person that can talk to the living? The idea grew on me and here we are today.

The new DDG is up as well. Itís the last page resulting from a generous donation, so help keep it going! Maybe if we pressure the IRS, we can get donating to DDG as a legitimate tax write off! Think of your 08 taxes! Act now! Or donít because that totally wouldnít hold up under an audit.

Quick Reviews:
Severance- This disappointment of a movie isnít so much a real British movie, but more so a British personís idea of a stereotypical American horror movie. Itís like if somebody asked me to make a Bollywood film. Iíve seen a few of them so theoretically, I COULD make one, but in reality I shouldnít because it would be pretty lame and would obviously be an Americanís idea of what a Bollywood movie would be like. Iím renting a British comedy horror for a reason, I like some British comedy. That means I donít want to see urine, drug, wacky (read: stupid) moments, and cheap sex jokes. If I wanted a stupid American horror movie, Iíd rent a stupid American horror movie. Taking the worst of a British movie, it takes sixty minutes out of a ninety minute long movie for something to actually happen, and then the ending becomes the worst of an American movie and itís just yelling, guns, unnecessary nudity, and gore. It certainly has its funny moments, but the scares are more gore and violence than actual scares and the way it all resolves is just downright awful.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2- While this is most definitely a cheap cash in rush job due to the popularity of the first one, the Rabbids do manage to maintain almost all their charm and save what would have otherwise been a typical Wii mini-game wave fest. When the games are good, theyíre often very fun if not rather funny, but when theyíre bad, theyíre soul crushingly bad. The dance games have been vastly improved upon and now resemble a parody of Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Aside from problems with the remote not registering your motion or registering again when you pull back from a motion (this seriously should not be that hard of a problem to fix. Just stick a delay of even half a second after a motion is made where another motion canít be registered and that should clear this right up), the dance segments shine as the best parts of the package. The events that are bad are rarely bad in concept, but more so in the controllerís complete inability to register your motions or the fact that the human wrist canít move like that for how long the game lasts and you wind up with hand and wrist pain. The shooter games are now no longer required to play, but seeing as how they were the best part of the first game, itís painful to see how rushed they were. The vast majority of the Rabbids donít fight you (they just run across the screen or away from you), they removed the grab move (why?), and there are serious problems with hit detection (there are many many instances where you can plunger a Rabbid between the eyes, yet your shot will just pass through him and do nothing). If you didnít like the first one, give this a wide berth, but if you like the Rabbids, this is worth a rental (even shorter than the first), the movie and game parodies will get a chuckle, and the improved menu system lets you get things moving along quicker. And to anybody (read: everybody) that thought the prior gameís ending was horrible, they didnít even make one for this. The game just... ends.