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Posted by Pip

TB4- Double Your Torture

Well this just got rather confusing. It’s the Double Mint Golems, hooray! Just... with a lot more disturbing rather than real mint flavor. Two bodies in one is one thing. Two different people in one is another. Two different Sins in one body, well that’s just crazy town.

It’s the beginning of that reviled month with its wicked ways, February. To ward off the evil, here’s a preview of the new wallpaper. Donate your monies, arts, or words, and bask in its pinkness.

Aww, I CAN be romantic. Who knew?

And of course, the end of the month numbers for January. Featuring some truly bizarre links from sites I can’t even find how they link to the comic. So for your 100 hits, I thank you, site entirely in Japanese and from what I can tell you only sell Japanese CDs. You too, anime wiki site... that’s completely in German. But for search strings, we’re kind of reaching. Most of the funny ones, aren’t PG, so we’re going to go with “think”. Because why not? “Thanks” showed up in there again, so once more, you’re welcome!