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Posted by Pip

TB6- I Maybe Might Sort Of Not Do Not Unpossess Those Powers

Only one person called it. Shameful!
Itís kind of a mixed bag to have Slander help you. On the one hand, itís help. On the other, youíre probably going to get insulted. A lot.

The next DDG has been posted in all its splendor. Check it out! Also, since Tiltonís tour with Zip is all about debriefing him (see what I did there?), if you have any questions or subjects about Off World that youíd like him to address, thereís a place on the DDG section of the forums to leave a note. Good ones might just make their way into the comic!

A quick pop over to the Commissions tab will reveal that prices went up a little bit. This has been necessitated because upon doing my taxes this week... ugh. The silver lining is that the comic is getting more support, so thank you very very much. But the giant ominous cloud is that I saw a lot of that money go bye-bye rather quickly. Add onto that state taxes I didnít have last time and it gets a tad bit depressing, so I hope youíll be understanding. Thank you!

Hopefully you all had an acceptably sinful Mardi Gras!