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TB7- Yet They Have Still Written Forum Letters

Yep, Slander leads to lots of insults. Poor Murdoch... How many years has it been with her by his side? Far too many at this point. Far too many.
Todd is whistling another apropos song, but in continuing with my jerkhead tendencies, Iím not telliní.

Everybody wish your favorite rat-like Sin ďgong xi fa caiĒ! Itís his year and heís usually been an anxious sort, so it fits our dear Greed well. ďVengeful, possessive, stingy, fickle, defensiveĒ are terms to describe the Rat. Not too far off, Iíd say.

Quick Reviews-
Thirteenth Floor- Whereas the Matrix took computer worlds and envisioned what the future would look like with them, Thirteenth Floor takes a similar theme and goes into the past with it (and they were both released at the same time, so donít read that as saying one ripped off the other). The ending twist is pretty predictable and itís by no means an amazing movie, but itís a decent one worth a watch. And just think, not a single minute of Keanu Reeves, cheesy sunglasses, or stupid black trench coats!

Alan Moore books- So far Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta are all well worth a read for book or comic fans. While Watchmen has lost a lot of punch over time because heroes with problems are far more common in todayís comics, much less webcomics, this had to have been big stuff when it first came out. Any of the Watchmenís personal problems beats the crap out of any of Wolverineís angst or anything One More Day could retch out on us. V is good, but the weakest of the lot Iíve read. The message is a bit heavy handed and is basically preaching to the converted. I was surprised at just how close the movie was to the story though. Not bad in that regard. The League is easily my favorite. I think I was one of ten people that loved the movie; not because it was a fine piece of cinema, but because the idea was so great. The movie was far more epic than the book, which mainly revolves around character interaction and dialogue over physical action, but be forewarned, the movie was cleaned up before it made its way to the big screen. Big Time. Oooh yeah, some major character differences in the movie. Best I can remember, Hyde never ate anybody in the film.
As great a writer as Moore is... what is up with the rape!? Out of every one of those books, thereís a rape scene. Multiple ones even. Itís a bit... troubling. Perhaps more so is the one at the end of the League... you read it and itís horrifying but then you put the book down and grudgingly admit to yourself that the scene was great. Itís disgusting but itís so well done, written, and drawn that you canít help but fully accept you just read and enjoyed a rape scene because itís almost became a natural unraveling of the characters and story up to that point. I really want to justify why Iím saying that, but to even mention who the characters involved are, would completely destroy the moment. And now Iím off to make an appointment with a therapist.