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Posted by Pip

TB8- Necro Fight

Good for Murdoch sticking up for his profession and gullible people everywhere, but I imagine it would be like watching two nerds fight. Lots of slapping and whining and everybody is out of breath after two minutes. Aside from hauling around golem bits, itís not one of the most athletic jobs you can have when surrounded by farmers and pirates. Thank goodness for canes and their power to bash Sins and mortals alike on the nogginí.

Quick Reviews:
Reno 911 Miami- Definitely only for fans of the show and even then itís a mixed bag. Itís certainly funny and the officers retain their lovable stupidity, but over an hour and a half, it gets kind of meh. Just like in the show, the outcomes of what theyíll do are so obvious, but thatís part of the humor because no sane person would it. The cameos and all the improv actors that show up are fantastic, with almost every reoccurring actor from the show appearing as a different person. There is a plot to the movie, but it really just sets the stage for why theyíre in Miami and more often than not, youíll forget there was a plot anyway (thatís not meant as an insult). Itís worth a watch, but the transition to the big screen wasnít necessarily a great one.
And on a side note, watch the rated version. I rented that one but they gave me the unrated one instead, and it might just be my prudish nature, but some of the content is kind of unsettling to watch. Most of it is harmless like the scene on the topless beach because it simply sets the stage for other jokes, but ďDangleĒ and ďWiegelísĒ sex scene isnít funny so it gets weird quickly.

Geometry Wars Wii- I approached this hoping it would be the next-gen Space Invaders, but was immensely disappointed. To best imagine it, play Asteroids, now get a friend to shine a strobe light directly in your face and try to keep playing. Itís pretty much the same experience. The visuals are nicely retro to start with, but once you get playing, itís a blaze of flashing lights and colors and frankly it hurt my eyes and I couldnít follow what was going on on the screen. The Wii controls are awful and after only ten minutes, I had to stop because my wrist was bothering me and my pinky was doing that twitchy uncomfortable thing. Iím sure the Xbox version is a lot better solely for the controls, but even still, I just donít see the appeal of this game.