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Posted by Pip

TB9- The Passion Of The Fashion

The solid rock of Sins, won over by... a fancy shirt. Say it ainít so, Murdi, say it ainít so. Sadly there arenít many times or places where the robe is considered haute couture. Poor, necromancers.
Something does tell me that hanging around with dead folks is a lot closer to whatís driving the ladies away than what a boring cloak might be doing, though.

Working thematically well with Murdoch and Toddís love lives, and lack there ofs, Valentineís Day is nigh. The Sins celebrate in fine fashion (fashion pun, zing!) and present unto you fine notes to print and help share the emotions that are sometimes so difficult to express. Enjoy!

Quick Reviews:
No More Heroes- Unashamedly style over substance. NMH is broken into two parts that Iíll give completely different ratings. The first part is the actual on-missions doing what you bought this game for part and it is loaded with fantastic designs, well-designed controls, great characters, humorous dialogue and situations, and is an all out blast of guilty pleasures and fun. They went with a purposefully cheesy ending rather actually putting work into it (a point which several characters in the game actually vocalize and gripe about) but however lame, it works in the context. Now, the part that youíll be spending most of your time in and is quite the opposite and horrifically bad, the rest of the game. The developers spent most of their time on the missions and pretty much everything else was clearly, CLEARLY a far distant second thought rushed out to add filler. You arenít allowed to follow the story and go from mission to mission and youíd like to. Instead, you must perform inane, poorly designed, boring, repetitive side jobs and missions that are filler and busy work of the worst degree. An inability to restart a mission you failed, backtracking, running from one side of the map to the other several times in a row, glitches ahoy, uninspired goals, mind numbing controls, and just about every poor decision a design team could have made mar the experience the game provides. Itís a chore to slog through the overworld parts and a real test of what youíre willing to put up with to continue a good story.
Just a design thought on the game as a whole to close here; throughout the entire game I was waiting for somebody to challenge your characterís progress. The entire game is built upon the premise of moving up ranks and the fight to be number one, but at no point in gameplay and only for a ten second scene at the end does anybody actually challenge you. Every ranking is you going after the person one slot above you. Without someone fighting to overtake you, the whole game just becomes a natural progression with no suspense. You WILL become number one because nobody else is gunning for it. If they had to keep the money earning aspect of the overworld in, get rid of the lousy side jobs, and have Travis earn money by taking down people going for his rank. You pay all that money to move up, let somebody else trying to move up pay your bills for you. They could have done a whole dynamic of creating your own turf and hiring goons if they got really ambitious about it and it would have been a far better game for it.

Flushed Away- Contains almost none of the wit and humor that made Aardmanís other movies great and the characters are little more than cookie cutter Disney stereotypes and follow that road map almost exclusively. The computer generated clay art is amazing, but doesnít redeem a slapstick, screaming, and shot to the nuts filled bore.