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Posted by Pip

TB10- Hydraaawwww Man

You could... Well definitely... Thereís always... Okay, having trouble thinking of an upside for the Fortune Golem on this one. Probably NOT a good idea to unwittingly turn yourself over to the mercy of the very person that created you, purposefully tried to kill you, and knows that youíre an abomination to start with. Now thatís just advice to use in your everyday life. I know I do.

Nothing to really review today. I played Professor Layton but could only take it for an hour, so I canít really write a review in good conscience. Depending on how you look at it, itís either a boring story told through dull dialogue and horribly compressed video and constantly broken up by puzzles or itís a fun little puzzle book thatís constantly interrupted by someone telling you inane stuff and that just wonít leave you alone so you can have fun. I dig his top hat though.