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Told you it would be a short arc! Guy didnít even mess with the Sins and they found a way to screw him up. Much like how last time we learned that you put yourself at a pissed off necromancerís mercy, you also probably shouldnít put yourself at the mercy of the person that got screwed for putting herself at the mercy of said pissed off necromancer.
Murdoch is a bit of a dick though.

Quick Reviews:
Ratatouille- The story is pretty meh and predictable but by no means bad for the adult viewer and probably pretty entertaining if not occasionally uninteresting when it comes to setting and culture for the wee ones, but the big problem here... The animation too good! Odd issue, I know. Itís the most technologically amazing thing Iíve ever seen and I will wholly admit that I had to turn off the part of my brain that notices these things just to get through it. But please, stop this level of detail and realism. Thereís no more wonder, no childlike awe and splendor, no color and joy. Itís reality. Reality with talking rats that donít carry disease and poo and are seemingly very sanitary. The Incredibles was great, stop there. Youíve proved you can basically do anything. So... can you please now... stop doing that... Please?

Day Watch- Definitely watch Night Watch first, but if youíve seen that, this sequel is leaps and bounds ahead of pretty much any of the crap Iíve seen the US action movie set for a long time. Loaded with style and ideas, it paints great characters an involving story, great dialogue, and can be compelling and kick butt at the same time. Funnily enough, the plot greatly involves an item of Deus Ex Machina, a concept relied upon by hacks and uncreative writers countless times over, but here, you can buy it and get into. The characters are searching for the Universeís shiny red Reset Button, but it works and works well. The reason for that is itís DEM with rules. You canít just rewind a muck-up, you have to find a certain kind of muck-up and then only change a certain aspect according to a guideline, and thatís why it works. Also, donít eff with tinfoil. It will mess you up.
Fun fact:
Day Watch- awesome- reported cost to make: $4.2 million
Spider-Man 3- crap- reported cost to make: $258 million
Now, even taking into account lower labor costs in Russia (and I know this quite well because the company I work for loooooves this fact), Day Watch managed to be a great all out movie and had some damn fine special effects. There might be a lesson there.