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Posted by Pip

AL3- There Is Only One Way To Kill Softly

Oh the violent young’uns, what with their murder simulators and dangerous hula-hooping action. Of course violence does lead to that extremely uncomfortable moment when you confront the friend that’s been abandoned by the other friends you killed but are now back from the dead. It’s my worst social fear. Then comes alien abductions. Probes weird me out.

Quick Review: 28 Months Later- The first one was a really nice change of pace on the zombie genre (“pace”, get it! they run instead of shamble, huh, huh! Hi-larious), and while this one doesn’t really add or detract from the world set up by 28 Days Later, it’s not bad either. Worth a watch but nothing to get too excited over. The only thing that bugged me was that they don’t really explain anything about what’s going on. Why did the rage zombies die off? Was that just the natural progression of the disease? Why did some people have immunity? How was the dad a kind of “smart” zombie and why wasn’t he affected like the others? The last one bugged me the most because you have all these zombies that are mindless violent psychotics and then the one semi-rational one that plans things.