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Posted by Pip

AL5- Sweet Nauseating Forgiveness

When the evil demon is telling you not to be mean about a display of true friendship, you know you have a problem.
And when I said Jin still had a role to play, I wasn’t only referring to this page. That would be a bit of a let down! “Jin will be seen again! And here’s how she died. G’night, everybody!”

Of course, despite February’s attempt to cling onto our calendars one Leap Day longer, a new month means a new wallpaper available upon request for the small price of just about any donation. With mind controlling chibi powers. Fear it!

End of the month numbers and searches, hmmm. Not too too much funny in the way of searches so it was a strong month for “mercy”. Just struck me as nice to have mercy all the way at the bottom of what people are searching the web for. Below the porn, the comics, the Monkey Fist, one lone person sought out mercy from me.

Quick Reviews: King of Kong- I don’t know if it’s sad, pathetic, or spite inducing, but all in all, watching these people fight and bicker over Donkey Kong just makes you feel dirty after a while. Every single person involved is so vile, except for the one challenger who just generally seems like a nice guy that uses the game as an escape. He certainly isn’t without his detestable qualities, but he still winds up as more human. Everybody, except Steve, involved with the whole debacle deserves a serious whack across the head and then some clinical help. Stick around for the very last minute of the movie though. If you managed to stomach the rest of the movie, that last minute and the credits are very enjoyable. Poor QBert lady.