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Al9- I Guess That's Why They Call It Hype

Don’t hurt me, all will be explained in due time! The reasons behind the new Envy are going to be strewn through the arc, so you won’t get all the answers up front, but the answers are there. It may not be the Envy will all know and love, but the new guy is neat too. He’s all short and wannabe evil. And he has a pumpkin for a head. That’s always awesome.

Quick Review: Destroy All Humans Billy Willy Unleashed (Wii version)- Definitely for fans of the series only, DaH 3 follows the fine shameful tradition of its predecessors as having completely derivative gameplay but having a ludicrously fun story and characters. Pox actually does have a damn fine plan of human conquest that is very, very nicely self-referential and mocks and pays homage to video game clichés and traditions. What DOES happen to all those people you kill in games? After dispelling Crypto’s myth that they “blink and disappear”, we learn the horrifying truth that the people caught in your wrath are cleaned up by a crew that follows you around and turn their remains into fast food. It answers so much! As juvenile and lame as it can purposefully be, a lot of fun design went into your UFO and mech and the new Zombie Gun and Shrink Ray would be right at home in a Ratchet and Clank game. Expect more of the same, so if you didn’t like 1 or 2, you’ll find little redeemable here, but for fans, it’s a guilty pleasure. The only major downside is the Wii controls. The camera in the Willy mech and your saucer is deplorable and you spend the entire game fighting to get a good view. The controls are responsive, but only if you can actually get the cursor to stay on screen. You’ll find yourself frequently flailing the remote to get the reticule back and it really prevents you from getting immersed. The game is on the short and easy side (outside of problems brought on by the camera and controls) so it’s a renter.