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AL10- Content?

Yeah, Greed does not take too kindly to this Not Envy. I suppose the team should be thankfully that he goes asthmatic spaz instead of “pop” like Fortune.
And no, that’s not the final word on Desire-Envy leaving. I’m not that mean to my readers. Strangers and small children sure, but readers, never.

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Also in forumland, we’re having sign ups for a Smash Bros Brawl tournament. They’ll last until next week’s end and then the rounds will start, so if you’re interested, please sign up!

Quick Review: No Country For Old Men- Fantastic story telling abound in this one and in a most paradoxical way. You know almost nothing about the characters but they’re fleshed out and developed. The ending can be seen as a totally cop out, but it’s perfect and well done. It’s incredibly violent, yet very serene and mellow. People die and are shot constantly, but everything is calm. Almost no yelling, nobody runs in guns a blazing, and only one thing ever explodes. Definitely worth a watch, if only for the fantastic villain and his groovy tools.

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First survey filled up quickly, so here's a new link:
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