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A42- Completely Original Humor

That joke has never been done before. Never!
I think she’s talking about the Justice Friends or at the very least Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

There was a bit of confusion regarding the last comic, so I’m going to attempt to clear some things up. Lust means that using the Vices (at the expense of Cuberos) is still a “Plan B” but that she has another plan to try out (which is today’s comic). As for the “power lust” line, the Vices don’t see nearly as much excitement as the Sins proper do, so that’s what Lust expected to nudge her Vices into helping. They’re bored and have power pent up so they should have jumped at the chance to help just for the sake of doing something (rather than for strictly helping Lust), yet the Vices rebuked her.
One of the big things I’m trying to work on in my writing is the line between leaving things a little mysterious and purposefully confusing and outright explaining too much. If you think I’m leaning too far in one direction, PLEASE let me know and we can talk about it or you can just leave me with the idea to mull over. One of the greatest pieces of advice/lines I ever got was from my mom when I was a little kid (*holds up a “Hi, Mom!” sign*). She may not remember it but it’s always stuck with me. I had to write a report for school and I was using a book as a source for part of it. She read over what I was writing and said one part of it didn’t make sense/needed to be fixed up. I remember I got really ticked off and told her that she didn’t get it because she “didn’t read the book”. Perfectly calmly my mom responded with the likes of, “Well neither has anyone else in your class.” Dang that was the perfect comeback! And she was exactly right. It knocked my smug ass down a few pegs (stupid young me and his self-esteem. Little brat…) and it’s been burned into my mind ever since. Something may seem really obvious to me, but that’s because I know more backstory, what’s to happen, and, heck, I created the world the comic takes place in. So if I’m burning through pages and flying over topics (listening to Stewie sing “Rocket Man” while I typed that sentence and it shows), make me slow down or stop and explain things. Please! It will help me as a writer and make the comic more enjoyable. Thank you!