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AL13- What Kind Of Joke Could Be Made Of That

Itís the little things in life that make us remember those weíve lost. You see something over there, you hear something that way, thereís a giant monster attacking you and nobody is there to provide the sex pun. Grieving is difficult.

A new page of DDG was posted, so give it a once over! Heard back from a few of you after the survey that you hadnít heard of DDG, so just click on the black ďDDGĒ tab to your left there, visit the DDG section of the forums, or go to the Gallery and check out the DDG folder there. Lots of ways to enjoy it!

Sign ups for the Smash Bros Brawl tournament end on Friday. Head over to the forum to join in!

The results of the survey are in! I was thinking about doing it all Family Feud style, but there have been so many hosts over the years, the joke wouldnít carry through for each generation.
There were some rather clear favorite arcs with Original Sins getting 33% of the vote and sweet little Jin getting 26%.
Readership age was pretty much what I expected with the vast majority falling in the 17-29 range, but I was happy to see a couple of readers in the over 40 group, thanks! Nobody voted under 13 though... Whatís the matter, grade schoolers? Even if you donít get the grammar jokes, look at all those pretty colors!
No surprises that Murdoch ranked as the favored human in the comic, but he beat Rhett by an impressive 27% to 19%.
A massive show of love for your cuddly neighborhood Puppyman. Greed raked in 34% of the vote with Lust at 15% and Sloth not really doing much to garner third place at 11%
Almost two-thirds of you greatly underestimated the size of the readership and said we had less than 15,000 readers. Itís actually a chunk higher than that!
But conversely about 80% of you OVERestimated how much money the site brings in. To bust out a PBS or NPR-ism on you, please donít leave it up to other people to donate in your stead, because then it wonít happen! If everybody donated even just a dollar a year, the site would be self-sufficient and update a lot more (Iím easy to employ and willing to get a lot less than Ira Glass probably demands!)! And to those of you that guessed that I was making more than $1000 a month off the site, PLEASE donate more! Pleasepleaseplease!
Iím very, very happy to see that the crushingly overwhelming majority of you read DDG, hooray!
And quite possibly the biggest shocker of this whole experiment, people actually voted against Sloth being awesome in hats! What!? I was expecting 99-100% of Slapeggs world wide to side with the glory of Sloth in hats. I-I donít know how to take that...
But in the end, big, big thanks to each and every one of you that participated!