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AL 14- Now That Is a Hello Kiss

Gluttony is just European. A kiss on both cheeks, decapitation, itís all the same when you get down to brass tracks. Heads grow back though, right?
Isnít immortality grand. You can get eaten by a giant worm and get your head knocked off and at the end of the day youíre just a bit sore or slimy.

New Envy is already up to two pieces of fan art! Yay, little guy. Iím sure he thanks you, DarkOblivion.

Today is the last day for the sign ups for the Smash Bros tournament, so if you havenít posted on the forum with your information by tonight, youíre not in!

Quick Reviews: Southland Tales- To see where this movie went horribly, horribly wrong, you need only check out the bloated cast on IMDB. And not just the main actors; look at the supporting cast as well because even if you donít recognize the name, chances are youíve seen that actor in another movie. When you get all those people together, things that are not good go down. The movie is a horrible mess and thatís really the only nice way to put. Thereís a neat premise and probably a good idea or two buried in two and a half hours of film thatís so full of itself and thinks itís clever and confusing but in reality is just one manís ego gone unchecked. Thereís a neat ending but itís not worth the more than two hours and dual roles by the guy thatís famous for being the ass from American Pie that it takes to get there. People looking for the next Donnie Darko will have to keep on looking somewhere else for it.

Worms Space Oddity- The new Wii controls/weapons are a gimmick or short-lived novelty at best and they slow things down and get boring after a few rounds at worst. SO is really just more of the same once you look passed the gimmicks so itís for die hard fans only because the series has been run into the ground and the team behind it has done nothing to improve upon it over the years, and has actually done quite a bit to ruin it. No online play and very small selection of weapons means youíre going to burn through what little content there is on the disc in a very short while and the initial package wasnít that grand to begin with. Enemy AI is so imbalanced that not only does it differ wildly from round to round, but it actually morphs from turn to turn. A rival can hurt itself or do nothing one turn and then pull off an amazing trick shot that bounces a grenade off the floor and three walls to have it land perfectly at your feet the next turn. Space Oddity isnít necessarily a bad game; itís just not one worth spending money on. Rent it when you have a bunch of friends around and stick to Worms Armageddon for yourself because it was probably the last great Worms before the tragic downfall of Bogey B.