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AL 15- Low In Cholesterol And High In Vitamin E

Every good teammate has a role. Some have the role of providing lunch to the others, but you take the hand you’re dealt. Some even make the best of it and find masochistic joy in that hand. But they’re the freaks...
Oddly enough, others get a bit jealous when you find that joy. So everybody is weird. Weirdness all around!

The latest episode of DDG is up for all the weirdness and joy it brings.

Confronting us with the hard fact that Envies are way better than Mudkips, we have fan art from Quarma:

Shaolin Soccer- Stephen Chow makes the best kung fu movies. Great action and they revel in their cheesiness but they’re still funny and extremely enjoyable.

Jeremiah- Or known by its alternate name “Luke Perry is a quiet badass that will save us all and is TOTALLY not 42”. There’s a reason some shows get cancelled quickly and this is a damned fine example of why.