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AL18- Step Up And Win A Prize

Oh yes, not only does Greed obviously have a mallet, but our lovable walking swap meet has a carnival style mallet. It might even make a fun noise when you smack someone with it!
I cleaned this one up a bit... Gluttony originally had a bucket of... letís say, mis-guesses. But, that seemed a touch too cruel, so I got rid of it.

End of the month fun!
Our donation incentive wallpaper (just send in some fan art, writings, butter sculptures [a picture only please] and ask for it and itís yours!) is inspired by our infallible Popeís New Sins. Morally Dubious Science, Pollution, Extreme Wealth, and Drugs amuse me. They may have to show up in the real comic at some point... Drugs the character, not the real, you know, drugs. Iím clean, I swear.

And the favored search strings leading to Sins have picked up and been humorous again. ďdilbert throw rocks at ducksĒ confuses me and makes me worried about what cubicles have done to him, but ďgood hitler alternate universeĒ takes the cake. It makes me think of a kindly old Hitler handing out candy and lollipops to kids, whistling as he walks jauntily home from work, smiling and waving to everyone he sees. Now isnít that so much nicer than what the real world got stuck with? Replace the worldís dictators with kindly old people giving out candy and thatís a fine alternate universe.

Quick Reviews: Shoot Em Up- Shoot Em Up doesnít even remotely try to hide the fact that itís an ultra-violent mindless romp thatís more Looney Tunes than reality. Elmer Fudd is an evil gun boss, Bugs is a black ops specialist that finds uses for carrots more impressive than saving your eyesight, and the lactating hooker is... Tweety? I donít know about that one. I never liked Tweety, so I always rooted for Sylvester. The bad guyís cell phone ring tone is even the Kill the Wabbit music from Whatís Opera Doc. There are some good sight gags and you canít really fault it for being mindless (itís right there in the title) but it occasionally tries to inject plot and itís not pretty. So the occasional plot isnít entertaining and even overthetop comedic violence just gets really boring after a while. An odd paradox it may be, but itís likely born from the fact that you have hundreds of guys shooting the hero and to make it a full length movie, they canít really hit him. At one point thereís a truck full of trained guys shooting at him as he drives away from them in a straight line. I mean, Iíve never fired a gun before but Iím pretty sure I could hit something (or at least hit his car or blow out a tire or something) thatís moving in a straight line at a constant speed as I move in a constant speed directly behind it if given an automatic and five seconds of training. You know heís not going to get that badly hurt until at least closer to the end of the movie, so you really just stop caring after a few minutes.

Weeds- Itís a funny and highly enjoyable show when it plays as a dark comedy but when it turns to drama, it gets pretty uninteresting. The basic premise is that after her husband dies, a suburban mom starts selling pot to maintain her kids in the lifestyle they know. Plenty of material there for a comedy but for a drama, you have to care about the players involved. I for one just canít really sympathize with a large group of whiny rich white people pissing about how hard their lives are. At the very least we should feel for the mom, but sheís made no sacrifices before turning to being a dealer. The whole show is about how ďpoorĒ she is but she still has maid. If it was middle class family, it would be more reasonable but she doesnít get a job, move to a smaller house, or get rid of the live-in maid so she comes across as more stupid than unfortunate. The other characters are a mixed bag. The growers are good characters but they fall into the ďsassy black grandmotherĒ territory so itís nothing you havenít seen before. Kevin Nealon has a good role as the corrupt CPA so hopefully it helped drag him out of his post-SNL kind of like Chevy Chase but even less funny rut. So for every well written character, like the motherís ďfriendĒ who really is despicable but weíre encouraged to hate her, you have the wacky brother-in-law that wears out his stay by the end of one episode and then you find out heís in every single episode from that point on. It could have been a really intelligent and interesting show, but instead gets bogged down by some flaws in characters and logic that just canít be overlooked.