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Posted by Pip

AL20- Master Of Unlocking

Alicia just doesnít mess around. Bang out those Sins! Keep that Universe is balanced and in working order!
Envy goes for that lovable hint of naughtiness but is brought back down by that oh so subtle hindrance of having an easily detached head. A fate shared by French royalty and my Beachcombin' Michelangelo action figure. Maybe there are support groups in the Spirit Realm for the demons that have the kink for the humanoid form. The first step is admitting you have a problem! Or finding yourself in jail. Thatís usually a big step.

A new page of DDG has been posted so make sure you check it out and then drop to your knees and scream thanks towards the heavens for those that donated and made that page possible. Iíll wait while you do that.