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AL21- Forward To Reversing Time Back

Zounds, flashbackery! And I do believe this introduces us to another of the Original Sins. Well, its head and paw for shaking at the very least. The flashback will introduce us to a few characters and hopefully teach everyone a little more about the workings of the Sins. And then hands will be joined and singing around the may pole shall commence!

A few mods were made to the forums, so if anybody is experiencing issues, PLEASE let me know. IM me at Megalomania Pip or email me at aschloss AT gmail DOT com

And we have some more Envy love from Andsean. Well, love and insult. He also has a pumpkin-headed character that doesnít take kindly to the competition.

Quick Review: Beowulf- I was expecting a mindless action movie so I was pleasantly surprised that there were only three fights and very dialogue and plot driven in the later parts. Naturally they take some extreme liberties with the original poem but it works well and winds up drawing some decent connections and themes between characters.
However, I really didnít like animation. Itís too realistic so you notice how flawed and unnatural it is but not cartoony enough that youíd be forgiving. In a Pixar movie youíd ignore the inconsistencies partly because of the stylized bodies but also because, hey itís a movie about a talking rat that cooks or a super powered family, but here you notice all the stiffness in movement and how they donít hold things properly or the weight of objects doesnít always come across. Of course thatís not to say that the CG work isnít amazing. The creatures and backgrounds are fantastic. Thereís one scene where a giant dragon crashes into the water and as itís descending, you see the air bubbles coming out of its mouth but it also has a gob of the flaming gunk it spits so you see that still burning in its mouth but also turning some water to steam but the gunk itself cools and itís and an exceptionally well done effect. How much you like the movie will probably depend on what youíre expecting out of it. The plotline of the wife and girls could have been implemented much better, but I wasnít expecting much and found myself enjoying it.
Just a note, the DVD I was sent was the directorís cut and I donít know how much that differs from the theatrical cut.