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AL23- And You Get Dental

Good old wicked older timey Lust happy to use her appeal one minute and then turn on you if you oppose her the next. Olde timey Envy being all bashful and easily wooed. Olde timey Greed just being adorable.
I remembered to use Greed and Envy’s original colors and styles. Woo for me. Well, I’m proud of myself at the least.

Quick Review: Art School Confidential- ASC is really just a film that quickly gets full of itself and thinks that breaking the fourth wall makes it intelligent. It’s a Hollywood murder mystery with a bad romance and in the movie, there’s a film student that gets berated for making a Hollywood murder mystery with a bad romance. Witty, right? No. Saying “look at us we’re making fun of doing cliché or bad things” doesn’t give you an excuse to just go with cliché or bad things. Pushing past that, the viewer has no reason to care for or like the characters. The main character is just thrust at you and you’re supposed to care about him for the fact that he’s the main character. The woman he’s idealized is lusted after only because she’s pretty, despite not having a personality and being selfish and kind of mean. It has a good, if predictable, ending and a strong performance from all the characters, but even the most rabid of Malkovich fans can pass on this one.