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AL24-Or Choose The Mystery Box

Pick the fuzzy wuss or whatís behind door number 3! No mortal can resist the allure of things hidden behind mystery doors. There could be anything behind those doors! Anything!
Mean olde timey Lust denies the huggability of our lovable Greed. Truly a sign of a Sin.

Quick Reviews: Crash of the Titans (Wii version) Ė CotT is really the closest thing Iíve seen to replicating the fun of classic 2D games as a 3D game. It has solid, refined game play and platforming with a good gimmick. You gain powers as you progress and every few levels you encounter a new Titan that you can use for a different power (although some are just variations on previous ones). Missing from most games, Crash actually has genuinely funny dialogue performed by fantastic voice actors. Crash is reduced to a gibbering moron and Uka Uka is an almost perfect blend of Brother Blood and Bender. The downsides are that itís really short but still repetitive (too much brawling and I would have preferred more platforming and skating parts [a boss while skating would have been keen]) and that Crash is too weak especially at the end of the game even with all the upgrades (you canít take gangs of enemies because they block constantly and by the time you do your block breaker, one will whack you and knock you out of the move).

Justice League New Frontier- The retro visuals are neat for a while (with the downside of having to see ye olden Robin with spandex short shorts, ugh) but it has a kind of throwaway plot with an unexplained villain that just serves to get the Justice League together. They spend too much time explaining the origins of each character involved (and there are a lot) but completely passes over the villain. All in all it does a few things good and a few things mediocre, so itís worth a watch but donít cancel any appointments to catch it. My only big complaint is the voice acting. Why change the cartoon voice actors? The guy that was Batman in the Fox and later WB and CN series IS Batman. If youíre going to have an animated Batman cartoon, use that guy. Until heís dead, THAT guy and that guy only is Batman. And now I feel guilty, so his name is: Kevin Conroy. Yay for IMDB.