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AL26- Insert Squiggly Tail To Mouth

Sheís just digging herself in deeper and deeper with the offending and saddening. Every triumphant tale of overcoming first impressions still starts with having a lousy first impression...
So Original Greed is forced out in a power play for Puppy-Man Greed. Banished to a life of sitting around eating chips and ice cream, just waiting for the old team to stop by and visit. Maybe just a card come the holidays... Or Greed is out partying nonstop with Lust Vices and the varying succubi of the Demon Realm.

Donít forget to keep up with Sailor Sun! DDG references are afoot now. Exciting!

Quick Review: Teenage Zombies Invasion of the Alien Brain Thinigies- What starts off with an awesome idea (zombies... fight aliens made of brains, genius) and a great art style, is quick brought down to Earth by the fact that it isnít even remotely fun. Itís like a knock-off of Lost Vikings, only minus its main feature, puzzles. TZIABT (itís even a fun acronym to say) follows a very very basic structure. If you see a wall, you switch to Fins to climb up it, if you see a ledge switch to Lefty to grab it (assuming the game recognizes the grab, which it frequently doesnít), and if thereís a small space switch to Half-pipe and slide under it. Thatís about it. Every puzzle is just a variation on that with some truly awful combat mixed in. Say there are ten enemies ganged up on you. Your attack will move through the entire group yet only hurt a single enemy. You have no defense and almost no jump so when an enemy attacks you, you just have to stand there and take it. Top it off with writing that tries to cheesy B movie mixed with Invader Zim but fails at it. Badly. Not worth your time.